Thursday, July 11, 2019

Left the Engineering to fulfill her dreams, A girl from Village of Haryana became an inspiration for women

Chandigarh( 11 july,2019; Mamta Dagar is the proof that stepping out of your comfort zone has the potential to change your life. After moving across the street from a village in Haryana to Noida tackled her lifelong fear of the staying dependent. She always wanted to do something for women who are helpless but she knew first she has to do make herself independent. After the studies, The job life was not taking  her anywhere where she decided to quit it and do something more meaningful. While she is chasing her passion she changed her career into Nutrition. Now, she has became a successful Sports Nutritionist and a Health Coach, she has been gone through immense
obstacles while choosing this profession and helping woman in their
fitness goals. after completion of master of computer application, she started working in corporate sector and that  helped her in achieving what she is doing today. The new era of online world and the knowledge of Internet and health made her setting up her online business where she train girls/woman online and do their counselling via her online portals.
“Seeing her own her awesomeness and abandon my fear of being judged is what makes us so proud of my work,” says The ShapeAndYou founder  Mamta Dagar. she has helped and trained more than 1000 women to becoming their best version. She has been inspiration of those ladies who found their confidence back. 
“As a single girl who works full-time for her Nutrition business and working to expand it more where she can reach thousands of more women who struggle with their life in loosing weight, gaining their confidence back and being strong. Mamta  is proof that with hard work and a genuine desire for change, you can overcome any excuse, any setback, and any fear,” says Mamta,. “Despite so many obstacles that could have been conjured into excuses to give up, she achieved and even surpassed the goals she originally set”—including completing her
first successful fitness youtube channel journey ahead. 

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