Thursday, May 3, 2018

Nuclear energy to help in meeting electricity demand

Nuclear energy to help in meeting electricity demand

Jhajjhar:( energy can play a major and significant role in meeting the growing demand of electricity in India in coming years. It is a cheap and efficient resource to produce electricity and it does not cause any damage to the environment.
This was mentioned in a brief address to hundreds of students of DH Lawrence College, Jhajjhar, by Mr Sandeep Pal during an awareness programme on energy demand of the future and the role of nuclear energy. He said that at present 22 nuclear power reactors are in operation in India with an installed capacity of 6780 MW. It is expected that this installed capacity would increase to 13000 MW by 2024. This will go a long way in meeting the demand for electricity in the country.
He also answered students’ questions regarding nuclear energy. The school teachers and others staff were also present at the programme. Later, comics titled ‘Ek tha Budhiya’ depicting the transformation of a village, were distributed free among the students.

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