Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dr. Justice K.G. Balakrishna Inaugurated the Seminar on Role of lawyers in Society

New Delhi ( 07 December,2017 ;  Dr. Justice K.G. Balakrishna Former Chief Justice of India Inaugurated the   Seminar on Role of lawyers in Society at Indian law Institute opp. Supreme Court of India on Tuesday as a Chief Guest and chaired by Dr. Adish C Aggarwala Sr. Adv President International Council of Jurists . The program was organized by Youth Wing President of International Council of Jurists Vikas Verma Advocate . Justice Balakrishna said that lawyers have to perform professional as well social duty in the society . our Indian constitution gives the various legal rights and duties to society which is very essential for  every common man also.
  Justice discussed about the "standards of the temple" that is, the role of law itself, its relationship to values and moral and ethical behavior and its impact on the governmental process. We have developed a tendency to view the "law" as a discrete body of rules and regulations which, by governing conduct, ensures justice and the enhancement of morality. My concern is that, as we turn increasingly to the "temple" of the law for solutions to social problems and as a guide to conduct, we give less and less recognition to any conception of values and morality above the law. And that is a trend which is unhealthy for the law and for society. It is unhealthy for two reasons. First, it tends to relieve the individual from responsibility for personal values and conduct beyond that prescribed by the law. Second, it places a burden on the governmental process to deal with issues which would be more effectively resolved in the private sector.
Dr. Adish Aggarwala Sr. Adv said that We need to work more diligently and with broader vision in evolving a set of values held in common by our citizenry, values which give shape to the institutions of our society or at least provide a more effective process for arriving at consensus.
In the Indian Constitution, Rule of Law has been adopted under the Preamble where the ideals of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity are enshrined. The Constitution has been made the supreme law of the country .
Vikas Verma President of Youth wing said on this occasion that A reappraisal of the role of law, and of the functions of the lawyer is needed in the great majority of nations that have though, not recently but, not that long have acquired political independence. The characteristic feature of an under-developed or rather I would say a developing country is the stark gap between its economic and social state and the minimum aspirations of a mid-twentieth century state modelled upon the values and objectives of the developed countries. All these countries including ours have an overwhelming need for rapid social and economic change, much of this must express itself in legal change – in constitutions, statutes, and administrative regulations. Young Lawyers have to do more diligent work in courts .

Vikas Verma gave vote of thanks to all dignitaries and presented memento also.