Saturday, August 26, 2017

“IamSMEofIndia Meeting with Ministry of MSMEs brings fruitful results for MSMEs” – Rajiv Chawla

faridabad21 August 2017( under the leadership of its Chairman, Shri Rajiv Chawla took a delegation to Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India to meet and greet the newly appointed Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Panda, I.A.S. brought fruitful results for the MSMEs of India in many ways.The meeting lasted more than an hour, where wide range of topics including present schemes, new requirements, challenges in GST for MSMEs and many more is being discussed with Dr. Panda accompanied with Ms. Alka Sharma, Jt. Secy. MSMEs, Shri S N Tripathi, Development Commissioner MSMEs and other senior most officers at the Ministry.

Chairman, IamSMEofIndia Shri Rajiv Chawla on behalf of MSMEs of India requested the Secretary MSMEs to restart certain subsidy schemes like CLCSS, Lean Manufacturing Scheme, etc. which were held up from last few months and Shri Chawla also highlighted the current GST challenges for MSMEs and requested Dr. Panda to seek solution from the concerned ministry on behalf of MSMEs of India. Understanding the necessity of the highlighted requests from IamSMEofIndia, the secretary in discussion with the top officials of the ministry assured immediate restart of the CLCSS and Lean Manufacturing Schemes and instructed his team to take up the matter of GST Challenges alongwith the suggestions to the Ministry of Finance.

The Secretary and Jt. Secretary discussed Soft Intervention Schemes and requested IamSMEofIndia to identify areas and send proposals where quick results are expected.
Mr. Chawla extended his warm gratitude to the Secretary, Ministry of MSMEs and his Team for the time and courtesy they extended during the visit. Mr. Chawla was accompanied by Mr. Raman Dutta, Mr. Dheeraj Taneja and other Industrialists from IamSMEofIndia.