Tuesday, December 5, 2017

JBN Business Meet, Impactful Leadership, Family Business Seminar

JBN Business Meet, Impactful Leadership, Family Business Seminar in Faridabad

Faridabad -05December,2017(abtaknews.com)JITO Faridabad Chapter organized an event on “JBN Business MEet, Impactful leadership, Family Business-Flourish or vanish” on 3rd December , 2017 at Hotel Park Plaza, Faridabad which was well attended by over 100 JITO Members, Guest & dignitaries.Mr Praveen Ranka, Chief Secretary invited Dignitaries on the Dais. The program started with the recital of Navakar Mantra. Lighting of lamp was done by the host of the dignitaries including Shri Sajan Kumar Jain-Chairman, Shri R K Jain Oswal-Advisor, Shri Praveen Ranka-Chief Secretary, Shri Basesh Gala, Shri Harsh Vardhan Kothari, Shri Rohit Nayyar, Shri G S Singhvi-Zone Chairman North Zone. 
JBN Business Meet, Impactful Leadership, Family Business Seminar in Faridabad

In his welcome speech, Mr Sajan Kumar Jain-Chairman of JITO Faridabad Chapter conveyed his sincere thanks to all for their gracious presence. He briefed members about benefits of JITO Business Networking & opportunities. He stressed on the need of hour to create Future Leaders out of the community who can take future growth of community at large. According to him, Family Business are going to stay for long and requires more professional approach towards Business.

Mr R K Jain Oswal, Advisor of the Chapter congratulated JITO Faridabad Chapter for organizing events of common interest. He  conveyed thanks to all for their gracious presence.First session was an open Business Networking session which was well appreciated by all. Mr Praveen Ranka, Chief Secretary & Member of JBN core committee gave a presentation on JBN networking and various success stories which created a momentum for the program which lasted till last. He replied to the queries of members on the APP & requested all to join the platform.

Shri G S Singhvi-Zone Chairman North Zone congratulated centre Chairman Shri Sajan Kumar Jain for organizing composite events on a single day. He expressed his gratitude to the members for attending program and taking benefit of the subject.Second session was on “ Doing business in New age by Impactful Leadership”. Shri Harsh Vardhan Kothari & Mr Rohit Nayyar from Leadership Management Institute gave their presentation. They explained in details role of a leader and how to become a successful leader. They emphasized Global role of women in future leadership and gave important tips to become successful leader.

Third session was on “ Family Business- Flourish or vanish”. Shri Basesh Gala, MD of 39 solutions and winner of “Training Leader of the year Award” from World HRD Congress gave his detailed presentation on the Topic. According to him Family Business will play an important role in years to come and Indian Business valuations will rise substantially due to well managed family business. He stressed on the need of succession planning to role over business for decades & gave tips to become successful. He also replied to queries raised by the audience. 

Mementos were presented to the speakers. Shri Manoj Kothari, Vice Chairman  extended vote of Thanks to all the members for attending the program in large numbers & specially thanked to the speakers for coming all the way from Mumbai & Gurgram. Program was attended by over 100 members, Guest including Shri Anil Jain & Shri Abhinandan Jain from Gurgram, Shri Ravinder Jain, Shri S K Jain, Shri Vineet Jain, Shri Ravinder Jain, Shri Shivinder Jain,  Shri M K Jain, CS P C Jain, Shri A P Jain,  CA R L Borar, Shri Anil Jain, CA Punkaj Jain, Shri Randhir Jain, Shri A S Patwa, Shri Sanjiv Kumar Jain, Shri Sudhir Jaini, Shri Ramesh Jain, Shri Suresh Jain, Shri Ajay Jain.