Tuesday, June 6, 2017

IMA Doctors during agitation at Delhi

New Delhi (abtaknews.com)06june,2017 ; Today there was complete closure of OPD services in Faridabad, on the call of National Headquarters and State IMA Haryana. About 400 Doctors moved to Rajghat in 8 buses and many personal cars. They started at 7.30am and reached Rajghat from where a march was carried on to Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium.  A rally was held in IG stadium addressed by national leaders Dr Kk Aggarwal and Dr Vinay Jindal.
An ultimatum till 18th Aug has been given to Govt of India to agree to our demands otherwise a nationwide strike shall be taken up.

Our main demands and issues are
1) We are strongly against the violence against Doctors. In spite of the repeated agitations and representations, Govt has not taken any concrete steps.
We want a strong Central Act for violence against Doctors, which should be implemented in letter and spirit.
2)We are against the National Medical Commission, which is being forced upon in place of Medical Council of India.
MCI is body of elected medical professionals, while National Medical Commission is a nominated body mostly of non medicos. Nowhere, professionals are regulated by non professionals.
If Govt thinks MCI is corrupt then, Govt should find out ways to remove corruption, but it should remain a professional elected body.
3) We want a capping of award of compensation in Consumer protection act in negligence cases. Presently there is no limit to award the compensation to the looser Doctor.
4)Clerical errors and other minor issues should not be considered equivalent to sex determination in PCPNDT act. The punishment should be graded one.
5)Clinical establishment act should not be implemented , as its implementation shall leadon to closure of small and medium-sized nursing homes.
6)We are against crosspathy. Govt is allowing, allopathic medicines to be written by those who were not taught these medicine in their studies.
7)We are against National exit test for registration to do practice after passing MBBS.
8) We are against the policy of Govt snatching our rights of prescription, by forcing us to write generic drugs. If  Govt wants cheaper drugs then it should find out ways to decrease rates of branded medicine.