Sunday, June 11, 2017

Complaint against High Rank officials for misusing Government fund on the name of FSCL project.

Dated :- 11/6/2017
      Prime Minister of India,
      Mr. Narender Modi.    
      Chief Minister,
      Government of Haryana.
Sub:- Complaint against High Rank officials for misusing Government fund on the name of FSCL project.
        I Varun Sheokand as a social worker and resident of faridabad hereby bringing to your kind notice that on the name of Smart City projects some official are doing big frauds namely:-
1.     Anand Mohan Saran.
2.     Shekhar Vidyarthi
3.     Vikas Gupta
4.     Smt. Sonal Goyal.
5.     Sanjay Gupta.
These all the members of the committee of Faridabad smart city limited are in lust of easy money on the early stage of the project and on working on this ill idea they are spreading there team of corrupt and un-eligible officers.  So that a perfect platform with political will, will be made for all there corrupt practice tower.
   I am hereby mentioning some astonishing/unbelievable steps about the working of this committee.
a.     Firstly they hired two personsas advisor ( N.K Katara and  Mahtab Alam )both are incompetent and useless. Smart city committee appointed them @ 2.5 lac and 3 lac per month.
b.     N K Katara is retired Chief engineer from MCF itself and moreover he and R K Bansal were part of the project JNURM costing 3300 crore which was a complete failure. And all the money was flushed and grabbed by these skylarks. It’s worthy to mention here that there already a chief engineer is available in the Nigam so what’s the use of these type of persons. If Smt. Sonal Goyal can appointed as CEO of FSCL then why present Chief Engineer can’t be appointed in this project.  And if Smt. Sonal Goyal is not competent as he require advisor for every work, then why don’t she quit from this project if she is not having any knowledge about the working of project.
Even Mr. R K Bansal Executive Engineer MCF, has designated as DSM Engineer FSCL in addition to Xen MCF charge. Because he was also part of the JNURM project, which was a big failure due to corruption.
c.      Mahtab Alam is also not a degree holder from Oxford University or IIT -ian. These advisors are hired only to waste public money.
d.      CEO of this group is Miss. Sonal Goyal and she had already has incurred expenditure of Rs 2484456/-.  It’s likely to spend 9.5 lac to organize Citizen Awareness and displays at Suraj Kund craft mela. This all money is spending just for nothing. So all wasted. This all amount was wasted on awareness and display but nothing.From all this 26 lac money they had organized a Kavi SAMMELAN and a Stall in Suraj Kund Mela.
e.     Miss Sonal Goel has recommended to purchase two cars Honda city and Innova worth 27.5 lacs , Tentatively ,10 lac for Honda city and 17.5 lac for SPV purpose. Now here you can see that Commissioner MCF is already having a car then what the use of this extra expense.
            So after admiring all above facts and figures it’s crystal clear that the intention of the members of FSCL is not successful Smart city project, but corruption is there sole motive. (All documents attached) So I request you please appoint some loyal officers for this project other than Faridabad. And give supervision in the hand of Mr. Anil Viz or any retired Judge from High court to ensure transparency and fairness.  This is for your kind information and persuasion please.
Thanking You,
Varun Sheokand
1157/9, Faridabad.