Wednesday, April 5, 2017

SLG Jewellers is all set to make this Navratra Divinely Special

New Delhi( The luxury brand SLG Jewellers unveils its exquisite Temple Jewellery Collection to add a more pure and traditional touch to this divinely special Navratra festival. The regal look of these auspicious statement pieces demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into their making.Inspired by the devotional and auspicious temple theme, this is a couture collection of uncut, intricately designed jewellery pieces. And, with a perfect blend of unique designs and traditional touch, these adorable jewellery pieces become the perfect medium to celebrate festivals and marriages in a culturally rich country like India.
Temple Jewellery is a typical Indian art form, which devotionally connects us from our ancient roots. Made out of uncut rubies, diamonds, emeralds and various other precious stones, the Temple Jewellery Collection by SLG is an excellent bouquet of unmatched designs and consummate crafting. The collection comprises a number of ornaments (from earrings and necklaces) and most of the pieces of temple jewellery are custom-made.
The timeless creations in the collection celebrate the magnificence and divinity of the festival. And, with intricate design work on pure gold the collection becomes a perfect choice for the auspicious theme of Navratra”, said, Pritesh Goyal – Chief Designer Director, SLG Jewellers.